Founders Guest Lecture Course @ Georgetown University

Mine The Gap's founders will teach a one-day course on women's leadership and gender at Georgetown University's Continuing School of Education.  The course is entitled: Mining the Gender Gap: Research, Tools & Tactics and will take place in March of 2019.

Course Description:
Building a more gender-inclusive work environment benefits everyone, yet today, women comprise fewer than a quarter of executive and senior leadership positions.  This course will examine the current reality of where women stand in leadership across industries, provide cutting edge research to illuminate gender differences in leadership style that help us better understand this gap, and showcase opportunities to leverage the untapped talent of women. You will hear from leading experts in women's leadership on data-driven trends and will explore strategies that improve your awareness and ability to act on this information. During this two-day course, you will identify your own blind spots as an employee, manager or leader - or as a member of your community - and gain practical tools for tapping into the full human potential of your organization.

Designed for:

  • Leaders who are interested in increasing awareness and knowledge of the role of gender in the workplace

  • Leadership coaches who want to build distinctions to coach more effectively on gender-related matters

Course outline: 
This course will be highly interactive. Participants will explore the following topics:

  • Gender concepts and definitions

  • Impact of gender roles and biases across industries

  • Leveraging the talent of women in the workplace

  • Impact of gender on leadership and decision-making

  • Viewing gender research, leadership differences, and work interactions as a strategic tool to better leverage talent in your company, organization, or practice

  • Learn about ‘gender mainstreaming’: a process developed globally to integrate gender considerations into decision-making, allowing for a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to develop policies and practices.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Grasp and discuss cutting-edge research that shows the bottom-line impact of women's leadership and a gender-inclusive workforce.

  • Build insight and an understanding of global and US workplace trends to analyze and promote greater women's leadership in your team/group/organization/practice.

  • Leverage greater self-awareness about your own gender bias and assumptions that will make you more effective working with clients, employees and colleagues.

  • Apply practical communication and management strategies in order to increase opportunities for women to lead.

The course offering will be available to sign up at the end of 2018.