Le vital corps Salon Podcast: Featuring Mine The Gap co-founder


October 24, 2018

Are you someone who's ever looked at leadership in your government, workplace, or organization and thought, “Well, hot damn, I don't see a lot of women in the ranks of leadership up in here.” If this is you or now I’ve got you thinking about this, then I have a guest for you this week. Meet Jessica Grounds.

Jessica Grounds has been busting her rump in Washington D.C. since the age of 22. She has founded and led multiple organizations across both the public and private sectors to advance women in leadership. Today, we're going to learn all about the strategic gender-inclusive, bipartisan work she's doing with Mine The Gap, an organization on a mission to create gender-inclusive environment for companies, organizations, and businesses. You’ll also hear Jessica pull wisdom from her own experiences as the founder and former Executive Director of Running Start. She helps us more fully understand the barriers facing women in the workplace today and beyond.

Additionally, we touch on the topics of sexism, gender diversity in the workplace, and balancing work and life as a new mother. Plus, Jessica offers practical and realistic steps we can all take within our own organizations to encourage leadership among women - starting right now.  

The midterm elections are coming up here in the United States, so I felt like this was such an important conversation to have right now. The work Jessica is doing is so timely, but also so important beyond the midterm elections. I hope you agree. Now, get listening! For all of my American listeners, get out and vote on November 6th. Sign up for reminders and polling from Vote.org. Prepare yourself with ballot information at BallotReady.