As gender experts, strategists, and advocates, Mine The Gap equips leaders with the strategy and tools to create inclusive environments that activate the whole potential of any team, division, corporation, or municipality.

We specialize in gender and women’s leadership. As global experts, working in diverse regions and contexts, our team has expertise in addressing intersectional dimensions of an inclusive workforce including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more.

Research & Analysis

  • Developing products and reaching new customers and markets

  • Understanding cultural dynamics and international markets

  • Gender-integrated monitoring and evaluation

Building & Implementing Strategies

  • Strategy and project design

  • Diversity and inclusion strategy

  • Gender crisis communications

  • Creating smart supply chain strategies

  • Assessing and responding to external forces

Retention & Recruitment

  • Team building

  • Innovating, problem-solving

  • Leadership training

  • Planning for uncertainty

Education & Training

  • In-person and online training courses in gender and leadership

  • Campaign advising and mentoring for candidates, aspiring and current leaders

  • Foster effective communication between men and women




Women's Leadership Training

Mine The Gap’s women’s leadership training is couched in research, practical application, and refined by our experience training women leaders across the globe. Our nine-month training program provides women with concrete skills to lead with confidence to reach their full potential in a professional setting.


Mine The Gap’s assessment includes analysis of workforce behaviors, policy review, and leadership, office, or team culture studies to identify opportunities for growth and balance.

This includes reviewing existing company data, conducting in-person interviews, and other metrics to provide baseline snapshot of opportunities.

The end product is a set of actionable recommendations of how your company can most effectively move forward.


Executive Leadership Training

Mine The Gap will help leaders recognize gender blind spots to leverage their full talent pool. Our team will provide training to include gender awareness in decision-making and management. This training provides executives with the best approaches to retain, attract, and develop a gender-inclusive workforce, giving your company a competitive advantage.